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    FEATURE: Enable optional support for threading slack posts (#38) · da910612
    Michael K Johnson authored
    When creating a new Discourse post from slack with the `post` feature, record the
    slack `ts` thread ID for the resulting topic post using an HTML comment to pass
    the `ts` through.
    When notifying slack of new Discourse posts, record the slack `ts` thread ID in
    the post's topic if it has not yet been recorded. (Normally, this will be done
    for the topic post, except where notifications are being posted for old topics
    before this feature was created.)
    Add a new rule filter `thread` which posts threaded responses to slack if there
    is a `ts` recorded for the post topic.
    Modify the `trigger_notifications` interface to enable other integrations to
    implement similar functionality.
    Present the `thread` rule in the help text and admin UI only for the slack