1. 30 Apr, 2012 1 commit
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      [CONFIGURATION] · a6e9f61e
      Benoît Minisini authored
      * NEW: Update *.component files to the new format.
      * BUG: Fix component TEMPLATE directory.
      * NEW: PhotoTouch: Display the browsed directory path.
      * NEW: Change the 'main' hook syntax. Add a macro to call the previous 
        'main' hook, so that several hooks can be declared.
      * NEW: New multimedia component based on GStreamer.
      * BUG: Fix timer management so that it is compatible with the GB.Every()
        interpreter API.
      * NEW: Allows multiple 'main' hooks.
      * NEW: Allows multiple 'main' hooks.
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  2. 16 Aug, 2009 2 commits
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      [CONFIGURATION] · 8dbb8a1e
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      * BUG: Forgot to commit symbolic links to the "m4" directory.
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      [CONFIGURATION] · 96550473
      Benoît Minisini authored
      * NEW: Put custom autoconf macros in the "m4" directory.
      * NEW: Drop libltdl.
      * NEW: Image.Resize() and Image.Mirror() has been put in common there.
      * NEW: Image.Flip() has been removed.
      * NEW: Image.Copy() and Image.Resize() now supports 24-bits images.
      * NEW: Depends on gb.image now.
      * NEW: Texture images can have any format now.
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