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# This file should list all people that have written code or done translations for Gambas.
# If you want to add or fix anything, please write on the mailing-list.
# I apologize by advance for any mistake or omission.
# The format of that file is the following:
# [Name of the author] ([Country]) <[mail address]>
# [Description in Gambas markup syntax]
# ...
# [Name of another author] ({Country]) <[mail address]>
# [Description in Gambas markup syntax]
# ...
# Void lines and line beginning with '#' are ignored.
Fabien Bodard (France) <>
IDE file/project/picture selector and mascot redesign.
The reporting components.
The 'gb.chart' component.
The '' component.
The 'gb.scanner' component.
Nigel Gerrard (United Kingdom) <>
The [MySQL database driver](
The now deprecated QT extended component.
The old SQLite database driver.
Paul Gardner-Stephen (Australia) <>
Porting Gambas on Solaris.
Daniel Campos (Spain) <>
The networking component
The compression component
The old XML component
The GTK+ component.
The now deprecated VideoForLinux component
The PDF component.
Spanish translation.
Carlos F. A. Paniago (Brazil) <>
Porting Gambas on FreeBSD.
Rob Kudla (USA) <>
The old Gambas Wiki hosting.
Mandriva RPM packages maintainer.
The 'gb.pcre' component.
Ronald Onstenk (Netherlands) <>
The find list in the 1.0 Development Environnement
Brandon Bergren (USA) <>
Porting Gambas on Cygwin.
Laurent Carlier (France) <>
The SDL component.
The OpenGL component.
ArchLinux support.
José L. Redrejo Rodríguez (Spain) <>
Let Gambas compile on all Debian architectures.
Allowed the Gambas IDE to make Debian packages.
Debian and Linex package maintainer.
Spanish translation.
Andrea Bortolan (Italy) <>
The ODBC database driver.
Ahmad Kamal <>
Arabic translation.
Daif Al-Otaibi <>
Arabic translation.
Dimitri Bellini (Italy) <>
Italian translation.
Vincenzo Virgilio (Italy) <>
Italian translation.
Maurizio Pozzobon (Italy) <>
Italian translation
Jordi Sayol (Andorra) <>
Catalan translation
Kazutaka Harada (Japan) <>
Japanese translation
Yizhou He <>
Simplified Chinese translation.
Knut Berg <>
Norwegian translation.
Chunchi Lin <>
Traditional Chinese translation.
Wojciech Saltarski (Poland) <>
Polish translation.
Radoslav Dejanovic (Croatia) <>
Croatian translation.
Luis Minero (Portugal) <>
Portuguese translation.
Iuri Matias (Portugal) <>
Portuguese translation.
Peter Cernoch (Czech Republic) <>
Czech translation.
Nelson Ferraz <>
Brazilian Portuguese translation.
Fermyno Gutierrez <>
Brazilian Portuguese translation.
Ronald Onstenk (Netherlands) <>
Dutch translation.
Fabrice Mous (Netherlands) <>
Dutch translation.
Sergey Irupin (Russia) <>
Russian translation.
Nima Mohammadi (Iran) <>
Farsi translation.
Miha Ambroz <>
Slovenian translation.
David Cendal Lago <>
Galician translation.
Peter Landgren <>
Swedish translation.
Marco Bauer (Germany) <>
German translation.
Klaus-Peter Richter (Germany) <>
German translation.
Fatih Asici (Turkey) <>
Turkish translation.
Balázs Bárány <>
Hungarian translation.
Kevin Donnelly <>
Welsh translation.
Sahatma Petrus Dolok Marupa Siagian (Indonesia) <>
Indonesian translation.
Rizky Tahara Shita <>
Indonesian translation
Stefano Palmeri (Italy) <>
Italian translation.
Alexander Kazancev (Russia) <>
Russian translation.
Robert Rowe (USA) <>
Development environment enhancements.
David Villalobos Cambronero (Costa Rica) <>
The 'gb.mysql' MySQL specific component.
Spanish translation.
Peter Mathijssen <>
Dutch translation.
Liang Wei (China) <>
Simplified Chinese translation.
Philippe Séraphin (France) <>
IDE Packager wizard enhancements.
Alexandros Prekates (Greece) <>
Greek translation.
Pablo Mileti (Argentina) <>
GNUBoxWorld and Puzzle1To8 examples.
Timothy Marshal-Nichols (United Kingdom) <>
PictureDatabase example.
Printing example.
Jairo Alonso Badillo Bedoya (Columnia) <>
Concent game example.
Gareth Bult (United Kingdom) <>
WebCam video example.
Iman Karim (Germany) <>
Gravity example.
GameOfLife example.
Stefan Lang (Germany) <>
German translation.
Radek Fryšták (Czech Republic) <>
Czech translation.
Mathias Ebermann (Germany) <>
German translation.
Florin Iacob (Romania) <>
Romanian translation.
Josef Kubíček (Czech Republic) <>
Czech translation.
Regimantas Baublys (Lithuania) <>
Lithuanian translation.
Edison Henrique Andreassy (Brazil) <>
Brazilian Portuguese translation.
Randall Morgan <>
The 'gb.gsl' GNU Scientific Library component.
Tobias Boege (Germany) <>
The '' component.
The 'gb.inotify' component.
The 'gb.ncurses' component.
The 'gb.openssl' component.