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    * NEW: Requesting a component interface automatically loads the component 
    * NEW: The Image and Picture functions in the interpreter API were removed.
    * NEW: A new function in the Draw interface to get the size of a picture.
      This function replaces the removed Picture interpreter API.
    * NEW: This is a new component that manages images in memory. It implements 
      the Image class, can create images of many formats (RGB, RGBA, BGRA...) 
      and convert image data between different formats. This component replaces
      the previous interpreter Image API. All components were ported to this
      new image management system by loading this component automatically.
      Beware that the Image constructor has changed! The transparent property
      has been removed, and there is an optional color argument that is used
      for initializing the image data. Moreover, many classes (Webcam, 
      PdfDocument...) that have an Image property lost their Picture property.
      Now to get a Picture, you must use the Image property and then convert
      the Image to a Picture.
    * BUG: As now the Image class overrides the one located in gb.image, it 
      must be declared early, at least earlier than the Picture class.
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