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    * NEW: Menu shortcut for defining a class or a form as startup class has 
      been removed from the editor (but not from the project tree).
    * NEW: A new menu to run a specific form as if it was the startup class.
    * NEW: The wiki is almost finished. Tuning is needed, as the automatic 
      conversion between the old wiki syntax and the new markdown syntax cannot 
      be perfect. Not yet done: history, registration, to do list.
    * NEW: WaveGenerator: Set the "is-live" property of the 'audiotestsrc' 
    * NEW: WaveGenerator: Use the 'autoaudiosink' output instead of a specific 
    * NEW: WaveGenerator: Allow to choose the wave form.
    * NEW: A new '-s' command-line option to override the startup class defined 
      in the project.
    * NEW: MaskBox has a new ShowDefault property. When set, the maskbox does 
      not hide its contents anymore when losing the focus if its value was the 
      default value.
    * BUG: Control Move() and MoveScaled() method do not try to resize the 
      control anymore if their width and height arguments are omitted.
    * BUG: Bug fixes, tuning...
    * NEW: MediaControl: An enumeration property can be set through its integer 
      value now.
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