Commit fc6b58c6 authored by Bruce Steers's avatar Bruce Steers
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Make executable: add more options to "Run command after"

* NEW: Add $(FOLDER) $(VERSION) $(NAME) and $(TITLE) to Make executable "Run command after".
parent 0bf1ba17
......@@ -3223,6 +3223,10 @@ Public Function MakeExecutable(Optional bDoNotIncVersion As Boolean, Optional bS
hTerminal = FOutput.GetTerminal()
sCommand = Replace(RunAfterMakingExec, "$(FILE)", Shell$(sExecPath))
sCommand = Replace(sCommand, "$(FOLDER)", Shell$(Project.Dir))
sCommand = Replace(sCommand, "$(VERSION)", Shell$(Project.Version))
sCommand = Replace(sCommand, "$(TITLE)", Shell$(Project.Title))
sCommand = Replace(sCommand, "$(NAME)", Shell$(Project.Name))
hTerminal.Print(sCommand & "\r\n")
hProcess = hTerminal.Shell(sCommand)
......@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@
{ txtCommand TextBox
ToolTip = ("<b>$(FILE)</b> will be replaced by the path of the executable")
ToolTip = ("<b>$(FILE)</b> will be replaced by the path of the executable\n<b>$(FOLDER)</b> for the projects directory.\n<b>$(VERSION)</b> for the projects version\n<b>$(NAME)</b> for the project name\n<b>$(TITLE)</b> for the project title.\n\n(Text will be 'quoted')")
Expand = True
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