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Switch to 3.16.2 version.

* NEW: Switch to 3.16.2 version.
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## Package version and e-mail for bugs are defined here
m4_define([GB_VERSION], [3.16.1])
m4_define([GB_VERSION], [3.16.2])
m4_define([GB_MAIL], [])
m4_define([GB_URL], [])
m4_define([GB_VERSION_MAJOR], [3])
m4_define([GB_VERSION_MINOR], [16])
m4_define([GB_VERSION_RELEASE], [1])
m4_define([GB_VERSION_RELEASE], [2])
m4_define([GB_VERSION_FULL], [0x03160001])
m4_define([GB_VERSION_FULL], [0x03160002])
m4_define([GB_PCODE_VERSION], [0x03150000])
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