Commit 2132e389 authored by Benoît Minisini's avatar Benoît Minisini

Better default colors.

* NEW: Better default colors.
parent 8502e055
......@@ -25,12 +25,14 @@ Public WrapMode As Boolean
Public HideCursor As Boolean
Static Private $aDarkColor As Integer[] = [
&H808080, &HC00000, &H00C000, &HC0C000, &H0060C0, &HC000C0, &H00C0C0, &HFFFFFF,
&H000000, &HFF0000, &H00FF00, &HFFFF00, &H0080FF, &HFF00FF, &H00FFFF, &HC0C0C0]
&H404040, &HC00000, &H00C000, &HD0C000, &H005090, &H900090, &H009090, &HC0C0C0,
&HA0A0A0, &HFF0000, &H00FF00, &HFFFF00, &H0080FF, &HFF00FF, &H00FFFF, &HFFFFFF]
'&H808080, &HC00000, &H00C000, &HD0C000, &H0060C0, &H800080, &H008080, &HFFFFFF,
'&H000000, &HFF0000, &H00FF00, &HFFFF00, &H0080FF, &HFF00FF, &H00FFFF, &HC0C0C0]
Static Private $aColor As Integer[] = [
&H000000, &HFF0000, &H00FF00, &HFFFF00, &H0080FF, &HFF00FF, &H00FFFF, &HC0C0C0,
&H808080, &H800000, &H008000, &H808000, &H004080, &H800080, &H008080, &HFFFFFF,
&H000000, &HC00000, &H00C000, &HD0C000, &H0060C0, &H900090, &H009090, &HC0C0C0,
&H808080, &H800000, &H008000, &H606000, &H004080, &H600060, &H006060, &HF0F0F0,
&H000000, &H00005F, &H000087, &H0000AF, &H0000D7, &H0000FF,
&H005F00, &H005F5F, &H005F87, &H005FAF, &H005FD7, &H005FFF,
&H008700, &H00875F, &H008787, &H0087AF, &H0087D7, &H0087FF,
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