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A complete Golang and Nuxt boilerplate for your project with backend API, frontend, tests and CI/CD pipelines.
## Build & Run
There are 2 methods of running Skeleton locally
## Features
- Backend written in [Golang]( using [Beego framework](
- Frontend written in [NodeJS]( using [NUXT]( and [Vue.js]( frameworks.
- Material design using [Vuetify](
- JSON REST API based on []( standard.
- Fully featured user registration, login, password reminder, profile update, 2FA authentication, SMS based mobile confirmation, ... etc.
- [JSON Web Tokens (JWT)]( based authentication.
- [Social login](./src/backend/services/SocialAuthService.go) using Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Github.
- [SEO friendly]( thanks to [the NUXT Static Generated (Pre Rendering)](
- [SQL migration](./src/backend/migrations/sql) using [sql-migrate](
- [Rate limiter](./src/backend/limiter) for API routes to easily set a rate limit per IP for one or more routes.
- [Role-based access control (RBAC)](./src/backend/rbac) for API routes and permissions.
- [Pagination](./src/backend/utils/paginator) implementation for API and frontend with caching.
- [Multi-factor authentication](./src/backend/services/AuthenticatorService.go) using [One Time Passwords]( and mobile SMS code.
- [Nice Email templates](./src/backend/services/EmailService.go) using [Hermes](
- [Fully featured admin dashboard](./src/frontend/src/pages/dashboard) based on [Vuetify Material Dashboard](
- [Complete CI/CD pipelines]( including tests using [GitLab .gitlab-ci.yml](.gitlab-ci.yml) file.
- [Deploy to Heroku](#deploy-to-heroku) using few easy steps.
- Automated development initialization using [Docker compose](./docker-compose.yml) and [init file](./
- Application Cache using [Cachita]( with support for memory, Redis, database and file cache.
- [Dependency injection](./src/backend/di/Container.go).
- Backend API integration and unit tests.
- Frontend [Jest]( tests.
## Development
There are 2 methods to run Skeleton locally
- Install required libs locally on OSX:
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