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- [Features](#features)
- [Install](#install)
- [Hack](#hack)
- [Report issues](#report-issues)
# HydraPaper
## Wallpaper manager with multimonitor support
![Main Window](screenshots/mainwindow.png)
# Features
## Add any folders to your collection
Manage your collection simply with folders, then add all of them to HydraPaper. You can enable or disable them with just a click.
## Pick your favorites
We all have favorite wallpapers for any mood. Add them as favorites, and quickly find them back in the *Favorites* section.
## Go random
You can quickly set random wallpapers, even from the app launcher. Fresh wallpapers in seconds.
![Random from window](screenshots/randomcombo.png)
## CLI power
Set random of selected wallpapers from the command line. Great for custom scripts.
![CLI help](screenshots/cli.png)
# Install
## Flatpak (preferred method)
[Install **Flatpak** by following the quick setup guide]( Does it work on your distribution? Most likely.
Then, click the button below to install HydraPaper:
<a href=""><img src="" height="100" alt="Get it on Flathub" /></a>
## AUR
If you're using Arch Linux or an Arch based system, you can install the [`hydrapaper-git`]( package from the AUR.
# Hack
HydraPaper is written using Python 3 and GTK+ 3. It's free software, released under the GPL3 license. Feel free to browse the source code on [the GitLab repository](, fork it, make changes or open issues!
# Report issues
Have you found a bug? Do you want a new feature? Whatever the case, opening an issue is never a bad idea. You can do that on [the issue page of HydraPaper's GitLab repository](
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#markdown nav ul li {
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#markdown img {
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#markdown p {
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#markdown hr {
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#markdown {
padding-bottom: 48px;
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