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      Merge branch 'feature/deprecate-this-repository' into 'master' · 4634b985
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      Feature/deprecate this repository
      See merge request !156
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      This was an epic adventure! 🤘 · 977dcae3
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      So, this repository pretty much reached its limits, and it's time to
      move on 🚀. Everything started 3 years ago when I tried to configure a
      jenkins server with unity to build some games when I commit. Then I
      asked myself: How can we make it easier to build and test unity
      projects in the cloud? I think this repository was proof that it is
      possible to solve this problem by combining our efforts and make it
      more accessible. Hopefully, the repository was helpful to quite a few
      ones here. Thanks to everyone who contributed in a way or another to
      this project. It is not the end and existing images will stay on docker
      hub (unless they delete them, you know).
      It will get better! We now have an automated system to build and
      release Unity docker images, we have a versioning system enabling us to
      publish new images without breaking previous builds. We have a better
      and safer way to install unity components using unity hub and even
      better, we have a community .
      ReadMe says ...
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