Commit ed68f2f0 authored by Gabriel Le Breton's avatar Gabriel Le Breton

Merge branch 'master' into 'master'

Added platform dependent compilation for PlayerSettings.useCustomKeystore

See merge request !29
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......@@ -157,7 +157,9 @@ static class BuildCommand
private static void HandleAndroidKeystore()
#if UNITY_2019_1_OR_NEWER
PlayerSettings.Android.useCustomKeystore = false;
if (!File.Exists(KEYSTORE)) {
Console.WriteLine($":: {KEYSTORE} not found, skipping setup, using Unity's default keystore");
......@@ -185,8 +187,9 @@ static class BuildCommand
Console.WriteLine($":: ${KEY_ALIAS_PASS} env var not set, skipping setup, using Unity's default keystore");
#if UNITY_2019_1_OR_NEWER
PlayerSettings.Android.useCustomKeystore = true;
PlayerSettings.Android.keystorePass = keystorePass;
PlayerSettings.Android.keyaliasPass = keystoreAliasPass;
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