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......@@ -72,6 +72,8 @@ Script passed to the unity3d command line as argument to create builds
* See [`BuildScript.cs`](Assets/Scripts/Editor/BuildCommand.cs)
You need to have this file in your project in order to build your project in the CI.
### CI Configuration
Pick one, if you're on gitlab, use gitlab-ci as Travis and CircleCI don't support Gitlab as of september 2018, if you're on github, Travis is more popular but CircleCI and [gitlab-ci will also work]( If you can't decide, see [CircleCI vs. GitLab CI/CD]( and [Travis CI vs GitLab](
......@@ -135,6 +137,14 @@ You'll first need to run this locally. All you need is [docker](https://www.dock
gableroux/unity3d:$UNITY_VERSION \
If your password contains a `!`, you can escape it like this (`example_pass!word`):
-e "UNITY_PASSWORD=example_pass"'!'"word" \
3. In Unity docker container's bash, run once like this, it will try to activate
......@@ -159,7 +169,7 @@ You'll first need to run this locally. All you need is [docker](https://www.dock
5. Copy xml content and save as `unity3d.alf`
6. Open and answer questions
7. Upload `unity3d.alf` for manual activation
8. Download `Unity_v2018.x.ulf` # TODO: confirm new file name for 2019
8. Download `Unity_v2018.x.ulf` (`Unity_v2019.x.ulf` for 2019 versions)
9. Copy the content of `Unity_v2018.x.ulf` license file to your CI's environment variable `UNITY_LICENSE_CONTENT`.
_Note: if you are doing this on windows, chances are the [line endings will be wrong as explained here]( Luckily for you, [`.gitlab-ci.yml`](.gitlab-ci.yml) solves this by removing `\r` character from the env variable so you'll be alright_
[`.gitlab-ci.yml`](.gitlab-ci.yml) will then place the `UNITY_LICENSE_CONTENT` to the right place before running tests or creating the builds.
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