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......@@ -98,40 +98,3 @@ Install and run coffeelint
Install via `npm install -g coffeelint`
Run via `coffeelint --ext cjsx,coffee src`
### Configuration variables
This code accepts the following environment variables for configuration.
* WEB_PORT: Port to listen on, default = 80
* WEB_HOSTNAME: Hostname to use for URLs; default is 'localhost'
* WEB_ADDRESS: Address to listen on; default is ''
* WEB_KEY: SSL key (not the name of the file; the full key!). Default is null.
* WEB_CERT: SSL cert; default = null
* WEB_AUTH_SERVER: root URL of auth microservice
* WEB_AUTH_KEY: OAuth token to use for auth microservice
* WEB_SESSION_SECRET: secret to use for storing web sessions. Default is
* WEB_API_SERVER: root URL of API server, preferably on the internal interface
* WEB_API_KEY: OAuth token to use for API server
* WEB_LOG_LEVEL: Log level to use. Default is "info".
* WEB_STATS_SERVER: root URL of the stats microservice
* WEB_STATS_KEY: OAuth token for the stats microservice
* WEB_PLAN_SERVER: root URL of the plan microservice
* WEB_PLAN_KEY: OAuth token for the plan microservice
* WEB_PAYMENTS_SERVER: root URL of the payments microservice
* WEB_PAYMENTS_KEY: OAuth token for the payments microservice
* WEB_TEMPLATES_SERVER: root URL of the templates microservice
* WEB_TEMPLATES_KEY: OAuth token for the templates microservice
* WEB_CA_CERT: A full cert for a private CA. We don't use this anymore.
* DRIVER: Databank driver to use for session storage.
* PARAMS: Databank driver params for session storage.
* CLEANUP: Session cleanup frequency in microseconds. Default is 1 hour.
* SLACK_HOOK: Hook to post error info to.
* API_CLIENT_CACHE_SIZE: How big the client cache should be. Default 50.
* WEB_CLIENT_TIMEOUT: How long to wait when making WebClient requests.
* REDIRECT_TO_HTTPS: Whether to redirect from http: to https:. The Kubernetes
load balancer can't handle this so we have to do it ourselves. Default false.
* WEB_SESSION_MAX_AGE: Max age for the session. Default is 30 days.
* WEB_SESSION_SECURE: Whether the web session cookie should be secure (only
https). Default is false.
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