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* Free software - released under the terms of GNU GPLv3 or any later version.
## Dependencies
* [ftz General](
* [ftz Serialization](
* [ftz MIDI](
* [ftz Audio](
* [DPF](
## Compilers tested
* G++ 8 with libstdc++.
## Compiler support
* G++ 8 or newer with libstdc++.
## How to build
Build dependencies:
* Git
* G++ 8 or newer
* Conan 1.2 or newer
To install dependencies on Debian Testing you would invoke:
# apt install git g++-8 python-pip
$ pip install conan
If you didn't have Conan installed before, you probably need to configure the default profile:
$ conan profile new --detect default
$ conan profile update settings.compiler.version=8 default
$ conan profile update settings.compiler.libcxx=libstdc++11 default
$ conan profile update settings.cppstd=17 default
Add official ftz repository to Conan:
$ conan remote add ftz
Clone the repository and switch into it:
$ git clone
$ cd chiptune
The rest depends on the configuration you want.
## How to build plugins
### Debug
mkdir -p Build
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