app_match.R is an R-script which matches f-droid apps by similarity of their descriptions

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    add example diagram for app_match.R using multiple repositories · a2521535
    Frieder Ferlemann authored
    this is the result of downloading the respective index-v1.jar(s),
    unpacking the .json(s) into directories then:
    ./app_match.R -f index-v1.json,archive/index-v1.json,izzy/index-v1.json,guardian/index-v1.json,microg/index-v1.json,frickel/index-v1.json,nanodroid/index-v1.json -m 0xff --verbose
    and then quite a lot of patience.
    Note, if the same app ID is contained in multiple repos, the latest
    plot wins. (room for improvement...)
    The generated app_match.yaml is sorted alphabetically per repository.
    -> so strcmp(id, lastid) would indicate whether an id still belongs
    to the same repository.
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