Commit 77722302 authored by Aran Dunkley's avatar Aran Dunkley

put the includes files back with warnings and errors pointing to correct repo branch etc

parent da915b98
if ( function_exists( 'wfLoadExtension' ) ) {
wfLoadExtension( 'FooBar' );
// Keep i18n globals so mergeMessageFileList.php doesn't break
$wgMessagesDirs['FooBar'] = __DIR__ . '/i18n';
$wgExtensionMessagesFiles['FooBar'] = __DIR__ . '/FooBar.alias.php';
'Deprecated PHP entry point used for FooBar extension. Please use wfLoadExtension instead, ' .
'see for more details.'
} else {
'<b>Fatal error:</b> This version of the FooBar extension requires MediaWiki 1.25+, ' .
'either <a href="">upgrade your MediaWiki</a> or download the extension code from the ' .
'<a href="">1.24 branch</a>.'
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