Commit e69881ff authored by Juha Manninen's avatar Juha Manninen
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Codetools: Fix code completion for methods with empty parentheses. Issue #31960.

git-svn-id: trunk@56085 -
parent 61d4aa82
......@@ -1401,9 +1401,8 @@ begin
ExtractNextAtom(not (phpWithoutBrackets in Attr),Attr);
if (CurPos.Flag in [cafRoundBracketClose,cafEdgedBracketClose])
and (Src[CurPos.StartPos] = CloseBracket)
then begin
// opening bracket was not streamed, keep ExtractMemStream intact.
then begin // empty brackets: extract also the closing bracket.
ExtractNextAtom(not (phpWithoutBrackets in Attr),Attr);
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