Commit d338c2b4 authored by Željan Rikalo's avatar Željan Rikalo 🏊🏼
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Gtk2: do not set background color if currentbrush.color = currentbackcolor. issue #22719

git-svn-id: trunk@38384 -
parent c94ce7f8
......@@ -9723,7 +9723,11 @@ begin
(DevCtx.CurrentBackColor.Colormap <> nil) then
EnsureGCColor(DC, dccCurrentBackColor, DevCtx.GDIObjects[gdiBrush]^.GDIBrushFill = GDK_SOLID, True);
BackGroundColor := @DevCtx.CurrentBackColor.Color;
//do not set BackGroundColor if CurrentBrush.Color = CurrentBackColor.
//issue #22719
if TGDKColorToTColor(DevCtx.CurrentBackColor.Color) <>
TGDKColorToTColor(DevCtx.GetBrush^.GDIBrushColor.Color) then
BackGroundColor := @DevCtx.CurrentBackColor.Color;
DevCtx.DrawTextWithColors(Str, Count,
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