Commit b61461e7 authored by Željan Rikalo's avatar Željan Rikalo 🏊🏼
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LCL: fixed infinite loop and crash with TScrollingWinControl. issue #29194

git-svn-id: trunk@50991 -
parent e3eba1d2
......@@ -73,6 +73,12 @@ begin
PrevPosition := FPosition;
// position has to be set before FControl.ScrollBy !!!
FPosition := Value;
{calling scrollby when handle is invisible produces infinite loop with win32 and qt widgetsets.
see issue #29194}
if HandleAllocated and not IsWindowVisible(ControlHandle) then
// scroll logical client area of FControl
if Kind = sbVertical then
FControl.ScrollBy(0, PrevPosition - FPosition)
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