Commit b24dd950 authored by Juha Manninen's avatar Juha Manninen
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AnchorDocking: Don't free AnchorDockPageControl too early. Prevent AV. Issues #32342,#32591,#31895.

git-svn-id: trunk@56143 -
parent bdb1578f
......@@ -4731,7 +4731,7 @@ procedure TAnchorDockHostSite.DoDock(NewDockSite: TWinControl; var ARect: TRect)
inherited DoDock(NewDockSite, ARect);
if DockMaster <> nil then
DockMaster.QueueSimplify:=True; // Async call to SimplifyPendingLayouts;
procedure TAnchorDockHostSite.SetParent(NewParent: TWinControl);
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