Commit 6f9144a5 authored by Balázs Székely's avatar Balázs Székely
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IDE: Make Lazarus directory available for packages.

parent 1b56acef
......@@ -136,6 +136,7 @@ type
function GetParsedCompilerFilename: string; virtual; abstract;
function GetParsedFppkgConfig: string; virtual; abstract;
function GetParsedLazarusDirectory: string; virtual; abstract;
procedure AddHandlerAddToRecentOpenFiles(Handler: TOnAddToRecent; const AsFirst: boolean = true); // AsFirst means: first to call
procedure RemoveHandlerAddToRecentOpenFiles(Handler: TOnAddToRecent);
......@@ -845,7 +845,7 @@ type
procedure CreateConfig;
property OldLazarusVersion: string read FOldLazarusVersion;
function GetParsedLazarusDirectory: string;
function GetParsedLazarusDirectory: string; override;
function GetParsedTestBuildDirectory: string;
function GetParsedCompilerFilename: string; override;
function GetParsedFPCSourceDirectory(FPCVer: string = ''): string;
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