Commit 6c1a7ae7 authored by blikblum's avatar blikblum
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lcl: check for csDestroyingHandle in TControl.HandleObjectShouldBeVisible. Fix issue #19882

git-svn-id: trunk@36758 -
parent ec03b534
......@@ -4294,7 +4294,7 @@ end;
function TControl.HandleObjectShouldBeVisible: boolean;
Result := (not (csDestroying in ComponentState)) and IsControlVisible;
Result := not ((csDestroying in ComponentState) or (csDestroyingHandle in FControlState)) and IsControlVisible;
if Result and Assigned(Parent) then
Result := Parent.HandleObjectShouldBeVisible;
//DebugLn(['TControl.HandleObjectShouldBeVisible ',DbgSName(Self),' ',Result]);
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