Commit 630549ca authored by Maxim Ganetsky's avatar Maxim Ganetsky
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Translations: Hungarian translation update by Péter Gábor, bug #36873

git-svn-id: branches/fixes_2_0@62894 -
parent f01d37a4
......@@ -691,23 +691,23 @@ msgstr "A lista indexe a határon kívül esik (%d)"
#: lclstrconsts.rsmacosmenuhide
msgid "Hide %s"
msgstr ""
msgstr "%s elrejtése"
#: lclstrconsts.rsmacosmenuhideothers
msgid "Hide Others"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Többi elrejtése"
#: lclstrconsts.rsmacosmenuquit
msgid "Quit %s"
msgstr ""
msgstr "%s befejezése"
#: lclstrconsts.rsmacosmenuservices
msgid "Services"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Szolgáltatások"
#: lclstrconsts.rsmacosmenushowall
msgid "Show All"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Összes megjelenítése"
#: lclstrconsts.rsmarooncolorcaption
msgid "Maroon"
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