Commit 118cfb3d authored by ondrej's avatar ondrej
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lcl: wincontrol: ignore FBoundsRealized in WM_SIZE. Solves part of issue #31715

git-svn-id: trunk@54815 -
parent c2b3d7f3
......@@ -6968,10 +6968,6 @@ begin
' wcfClientRectNeedsUpdate=',wcfClientRectNeedsUpdate in FWinControlFlags]);
NewLeft := FBoundsRealized.Left;
NewTop := FBoundsRealized.Top;
if HandleAllocated then
GetWindowRelativePosition(Handle, NewLeft, NewTop);
//if CheckPosition(Self) then
//DebugLn(['TWinControl.WMSize GetWindowRelativePosition: ',DbgSName(Self),' ',NewLeft,',',NewTop,' ClientRectNeedsInterfaceUpdate=',ClientRectNeedsInterfaceUpdate]);
NewBoundsRealized := Bounds(NewLeft, NewTop, Message.Width, Message.Height);
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