Commit 01495723 authored by wp's avatar wp
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TurboPower_iPro: Fix line spacing of <br> tag. Issue #34803.

git-svn-id: trunk@59982 -
parent c42877a3
......@@ -10152,15 +10152,19 @@ var
h: Integer;
elem: PIpHtmlElement;
h := 0;
(* // wp: is there any reason why h should be > 0 for other node types?
if (ParentNode is TIpHtmlNodeP) or
(ParentNode is TIpHtmlNodeDIV) or
(ParentNode is TIpHtmlNodeLI) or
// (ParentNode is TIpHtmlNodePRE) or
(ParentNode is TIpHtmlNodeHeader)
(ParentNode is TIpHtmlNodeHeader) or
(ParentNode is TIpHtmlNodeBody)
h := 0
h := Props.FontSize;
case Clear of
hbcNone :
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