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--- Merging r46896 into '.':

U    packages/cocoaint/src/webkit/
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 U   .

git-svn-id: branches/fixes_3_2@46899 -
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......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
function name: NSString; message 'name';
function webView: WebView; message 'webView';
function frameView: WebFrameView; message 'frameView';
function DOMDocument_: DOMDocument; message 'DOMDocument';
function DOMDocument: DOMDocument; message 'DOMDocument';
function frameElement: DOMHTMLElement; message 'frameElement';
procedure loadRequest (request: NSURLRequest); message 'loadRequest:';
procedure loadData_MIMEType_textEncodingName_baseURL (data: NSData; MIMEType: NSString; encodingName: NSString; URL: NSURL); message 'loadData:MIMEType:textEncodingName:baseURL:';
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