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      Add GitLab CI build script, rebased on bd4dc1dd · b13b15a7
      Frederick Ding authored
      Note that the version history should be preserved in the master-build-20181229 branch.
      A nonexhaustive history of the commits squashed:
       - Ensure lbzip2 is provided; and move before_script into job
       - Use Fedora 28 for builds; add Windows build script
       - For debugging, list the mingw binaries
       - Make builds parallel, and build only for Windows by default
       - Add GitLab CI config to build Windows executables using nightly config
       - Try to cache the mingw toolchain to avoid rebuilding it every time
       - Change location of mingw toolchain
       - Fixes for CI of Windows components
       - Fix for YAML bug around a line consisting only of Windows env variable
       - Don't parallelize builds because dependencies may be missing
       - Fixes for CI: assume already in win\CS directory, and output CPU info
       - Still trying to figure out how to genericize build tools path
       - For now, remove FDK from builds now that this repo is public [ci skip]
       - Refactor .gitlab-ci.yml to use definitions & includes [ci skip]
       - Restore build job definitions for building with FDK, only when private
       - Shorten CI times by using prebuilt docker image for the build
       - Update .gitlab-ci.yml to add speex & xz [ci skip]
       - Attempt parallel builds in the longest job (cross compilation for Windows
       - Add parallel build to FDK-for-mingw script; testing
       - Move the location where built installer lives in artifacts
       - Add support for code signing installer
       - Update to let value of SignTimestamp be overridden too
       - Add example WINDOWS_VCVARS variable to illustrate what it's doing
       - Fix typo in installer filename
       - Revert parallel builds
       - Race condition or bug with x265 observed
       - Attempt to build Linux package using Flatpak
       - DO sign flatpak builds if the private key is supplied by the `SIGNPGPKEY` variable and `SIGNFLATPAK` is "true"
       - GitLab YAML can't have this unescaped colon
       - Automatically build Linux Flatpak FDK
       - Remove unnecessary cache in no-longer-used mingw toolset
       - Build Flatpak as optional after Windows, so its failure or skip won't cancel the Windows GUI builds
       - Still run build for Flatpak concurrently with Windows build
       - Make sure autotools, cmake, nasm, libtool are present for flatpak build
       - Change Linux build to use FreeDesktop SDK
       - Modify on GitLab CI builds
       - Use Fedora 29 for Flatpak builds
       - Fedora 29 needs to manually install Python 2