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### All platforms
#### Video
- Fixed various crashes in libav whilst attempting to scan and process source files. (Including various WMV issues)
- Fixed x265 2-pass framerate error.
- Fixed MKV with subtitles seeking crash.
- Fixed several memory leaks in the OpenCL code.
- Improved A/V Sync with MP4 source files.
#### Video
- Fixed H.264 decoding using Libav where the initial GOP was dropped
- Fixed 2-pass x265 encoding where the source header incorrectly specifies frame rate
- Fixed 2-pass encoding with bob deinterlace and constant frame rate
- Fixed a seek issue in Libav while reading MKV sources with embedded subtitles
- Fixed multiple issues preventing Libav from opening WMV sources properly
- Fixed miscellaneous issues in Libav
- Fixed memory leaks in OpenCL
- Improved sync for streams delayed by a large amount
#### Audio
- Fixed a Libav crash encoding AAC at very high bitrates
- Fixed a potential hang in Libav while decoding AAC
- Improved Libav audio sync with MP4 sources containing edit lists
- Improved mapping of single channel layouts to single channel layouts
### Linux
- Fixed an issue with HQND3d Denoise filter custom text entry box rejecting values
- Fixed a potential crash when selecting video encoders
- Fixed various controls not applying values properly
### Mac
- Fixed an issue with Core AAC audio encoder not starting at the correct start point
- Fixed an crash when attempting to edit a queued job
- Fixed a crash when attempting to edit a queued job
- Improved audio start point to use edit lists when encoding using CoreAudio AAC
### Windows
- Fixed an issue that could cause error -17 when encoding with Intel QuikcSync
- Fixed an issue with the SRT language code not being set correctly
- Fixed missing 'Tape' and 'Sprite' denoise tunes
- Fixed "Title Specific Scan" for DVD/BluRay
- Fixed Title Specific Scan for DVD/Blu-ray
- Fixed broken/missing NLMeans denoise tunes
- Fixed an issue that could cause error -17 when encoding using Intel QuickSync Video
- Fixed an issue where the SRT language code was not being set correctly
## HandBrake 1.0.2
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