Commit 3b6e6822 authored by Damiano Galassi's avatar Damiano Galassi

MacGui: revert a change that was committed by error.

parent be1cfefe
......@@ -21,11 +21,7 @@ BUILD.out += $(MACOSX.osl.filelist)
MACOSX.project = -project $(MACOSX.src/)HandBrake.xcodeproj
## configuration: must be one of { release, debug }
ifeq (1,$(FEATURE.macos.sandbox))
MACOSX.configuration = -configuration $($(MACOSX.GCC.g))-sandbox
MACOSX.configuration = -configuration $($(MACOSX.GCC.g))
MACOSX.configuration = -configuration $($(MACOSX.GCC.g))
## mapping from symbolic debug value to xcode configuration = release
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