Commit f2127503 authored by Franciszek Madej's avatar Franciszek Madej 🤞

Update sway config

parent 2c75a854
......@@ -42,6 +42,12 @@ output * bg /home/kosciak/.config/misc/wallpapers/ocean_4k.png fill
input 1386:147:Wacom_Serial_Penabled_1FG_Touchscreen_Pen map_to_output LVDS-1
input 1386:147:Wacom_Serial_Penabled_1FG_Touchscreen_Finger map_to_output LVDS-1
# keyboard configuration
input 1:1:AT_Translated_Set_2_keyboard {
xkb_layout pl,us
# xkb_options caps:swapescape
# keybinds
set $mod Mod4
set $left h
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