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Update modules.rst to include the Polymorpher and Display Mode module

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This uses the same data that is used by Moerill#7205's adnd5e module, since this data is not supported by default.
A module for Foundry VTT that lets you polymorph characters into any other character!
Just drag any Actor (NPC or Character) ontop of another Actor to change the later into the prior.
Support droping both from Compendium or the sidebar.
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The compendium importer module allows for you to export an entire Foundry VTT compendium pack to a JSON file which
can be saved locally. The module also includes the functionality to re-load a compendium from existing JSON so that
content can be easily shared between users. Fantastic!
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content can be easily shared between users. Fantastic!
Display Mode
Hide all those pesky display elements you don't need for using foundry on the table.
Hides the Sidebar, Navigation (scene links at the top of the page), navigation (control buttons on the left side of the page) and the connected player indicator.
Toggles visibility of all those via clicking the anvil icon in the top left corner.
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