Commit 8467b4e4 authored by brabox's avatar brabox

Update _U202Changelog.txt

parent d8b0f453
......@@ -98,7 +98,6 @@ Sound Changes and Additions
- Gimli's Axe Throw now has an additional impact sound FX.
- The game will no longer use regular unit attack voice files when charging (only charge voice files will be used).
- Enabled new Fell Beast and Mounted Mordor Witch-king attack grunt.
- Enabled resource building upgrade eva events.
- Added several missing fear voices for several units.
- Added missing Gundabad Orc, Wolf Rider, Rhudaur Spearmen and Rhudaur Axe Thrower fear/cower/cheer voices.
- Increased the chance of hearing female voice when recruiting Inn Peasants.
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