Commit d3e760d8 authored by Forlong's avatar Forlong

Prepare the changelog for the brave new post-4.0 world

3.6.2 never happened. It shouldn't be mentioned in the changelog.
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Unofficial Patch 2.02 v3.6.2 Changelog
April 8, 2013
Unofficial Patch 2.02 v4.0 Changelog
October 28, 2014
* WIP changelog *
As we reimplement changes from Andy's v4.0, add the changes here.
- Some passive abilities (Uruk Deathbringers' Stonewall ability, Bloodlust abilities) now correctly display when multiple units are selected.
- All effect (heal, leadership, poison, etc.) FX now correctly applies to all units that are affected by the associated effect. (Most notably, orcs now show poison FX when affected by Karsh's Chill Soul ability.)
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