Commit ad0fdd7a authored by Dewitos's avatar Dewitos Committed by Forlong

MotW Battle Tower buildtime increased to 60 seconds from 45.

parent dda681fb
......@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@ Andy's changelog:
--- Upgrades are now correctly purchasable when Rohirrim are multi-selected with other Men of the West units. (This change also has the fringe benefit of correcting the erroneous "Purchase this upgrade at Armory" tooltip text for most of the upgrades.)
--- Commandset no longer "blinks" when unit is ordered to switch weapons.
- Inn Rangers cost increased to 400 (from 300).
- Battle Tower buildtime increased to 60s (from 45s).
- Knights of Dol Amroth specialist resistance increased to 100% (from 130%).
- Boromir Horn of Gondor recharge time increased to 1m45s (from 1m30s).
- Dwarven Guardians no longer suffer an armor decrease when equipped with Siege Hammers.
......@@ -2428,7 +2428,7 @@
;------------------------KEEP------------- (AKA MOTW Battle Tower)
;;,;;#define GONDOR_KEEP_BUILDCOST 700
#define GONDOR_KEEP_BUILDTIME 45 ;;,;; 60
#define GONDOR_KEEP_BUILDTIME 60 ;,; 45 ;;,;; 60
#define GONDOR_KEEP_HEALTH 2500 ;;,;; 3000
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