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2.02 Version 8.3.0 Changes
2.02 Version 8.3.1 Changes
- Fixed Damrod code and powers so he can be used on mini-mods and custom maps.
- Sharku, Faramir, Mirkwood banner carrier, Dark Dunedain banner carrier, Heavily Armored Guardians and Axe-throwers now display their house color properly.
- Restored FXs for the following powers and abilities:
--- Rallying Call
--- Frozen Land
--- Snowbind
--- Avalanche
--- Elven Wood
--- Golden Arrow
--- Barbed Arrows
--- Poison Arrows
--- Hawk Strike
--- Morgul Blade
--- Dark Lord's Lament
--- Army of the Dead Summon
--- Soul Freeze
--- Well of Souls
--- Corpse Rain
- Angmar Sorcerers now have reduced resistance to Frost and Flame damage.
- Giant Eagle scalar against Treebeard removed (improving damage by a factor of 4).
- Spider Rider trampling will now properly affect all struck units
- Mountain Trolls, Attack Trolls, Cave Trolls and Mountain Giants no longer freeze when flying after being knocked back.
- Hill Trolls no longer freeze while attacking
- Eomer and Theoden (on foot) moving animation now plays at a natural speed.
- Azog Crack the Whip now affect every infantry and cavalry units including fire drake broods (from only goblins and half trolls units)
- Bounty value corrections:
--- Gondor Archer bounty value reduced to 4 (from 5).
--- Dwarven Axe Thrower bounty value reduced to 4 (from 5).
--- Drummer Troll bounty value increased to 125 (from 100).
--- Haradrim Rider bounty value reduced to 11 (from 13).
--- Troll Cage bounty value reduced to 125 (from 150).
--- Snow Troll bounty value reduced to 27 (from 29).
--- Angmar Sorcerer bounty value decreased to 13 (from 16).
--- Markeplace bounty value reduced to 150 (from 300).
--- Rhudaur Spearmen bounty value reduced to 4 (from 5).
--- Temple of Twilight bounty value reduced to 100 (from 150).
--- Ballista bounty value reduced to 125 (from 150).
--- Warg Sentry bounty value reduced to 88 (from 100).
--- Eregion Forge bounty value reduced to 150 (from 250).
--- Blacksmith bounty value reduced to 150 (from 250).
--- Treasure Trove bounty value reduced to 150 (from 250)
--- Isengard Armory bounty value decreased to 150 (from 250).
- Sam's Frying Pan ability now works properly with auto-cast and no longer targets friendly units.
- Galadhrim Warrior:
--- now displays the correct command point tooltip (was 75, now 72).
--- increased battalion command point cost to 72 as initially intended (was 60).
--- adjusted experience values to match elite category.
- AI Cloud Break now triggers healing and horde replenishment for all allied units.
- Units stunned by Cloud Break no longer regain motor function prematurely.
- Fear based abilities will no longer be triggered off battle.
- Angmar Avalanche now puts out fires (effect lasts for 30s to coincide with snow residue FX duration).
- Clan Steading level 2 upgrade now receives an additional visual change (formerly granted at level 3)
- Gloin Slam, Shake Foundation, Morgomir Ruin and Angmar Snowbind can no longer target fortress expansion plots.
- Added "oath fulfilled" dismiss voice sounds for Aragorn's Oathbreakers.
- Sharku's Tame the Beast now affect all cavalry units (from only Warg riders and Warg packs)
- Karsh Chill Soul speed debuff now affects all units within range (instead of only units who collided with Karsh)
- Mirkwood Archers can now only stealth when near trees.
- Spiked Collars and Venom Sacks upgrade icons moved to position 2 in the palantir for game consistency.
- Noldor Warriors can now stealth near trees.
- Added missing animations for Shelob and improved attack behiavor.
- Dwarven Siege Works door opening time reduced to 3s (was 7s), slightly reducing the build time of Battle Wagons, Demolishers and Catapults.
- Isengard Fortress Ballista should now be able to fire behind structures.
- Isengard Torches upgrade is now researched when the Clan Steading is built (similar to soul freeze, spiked collars and venom sacks)
- Haradrim Palace:
--- build cost decreased to 300 (from 350);
--- bounty value decreased to 75 (from 88);
--- level 2 upgrade cost increased to 450 (from 400).
- Goblin Fortress now has a selection decal to compliment Dragon's Nest healing radius.
- Goblin Dragon's Nest and Elven Eagle's Nest:
--- healing percentage increased to 3% (from 1%);
--- healing interval decreased to 2s (from 3s);
--- healing radius increased 300 (from 200);
--- healing no longer stacks with other sources of healing.
- Soul Freeze now correctly plays its intented sound
- Black Ice now correctly plays its secondary sound at the cast location
- Marketplace:
--- Siege Materials upgrade time reduced to 45s (from 60s);
--- Iron Ore upgrade time reduced to 45s (from 60s).
- Goblin fortress Fire Drake no longer occasionally vanishes upon being built.
- Gloin Slam is easier to cast, no longer run completly into units
- Battle Wagon upgrades now incur additional Command Points.
--- Men of Dale: 20 (plus base unit: 80)
--- Axe-Throwers: 10 (plus base unit: 70)
--- Banner Carrier: 10 (plus base unit: 70)
- Vigilant Ent Expansion can now change stances
- Summoned dragon now correctly hit the structures and units he target and correctly damage the units in front of him
- Gimli Axe Throw recharge time increased to 45s (from 30s)
- Lairs now resist arrows (from both archers and archer heroes).
- Eat Orc ability of Mountain Troll now heals 40% of the troll's health (was 100%)
- Mordor Banner Carrier can now be researched at a level 1 Orc Pit (from level 2).
- Fortress HERO armor improved to 40% (from 50%), resulting in +25% armor versus melee hero damage.
- Ents, Trolls and Giants no longer become invisible when inside Enshrouding Mist.
- Men Farm level 1 hitbox now matches that of level 2 and 3.
- Increased Mallorn Tree hitbox size.
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