Commit 90f88dfa authored by Forlong's avatar Forlong

Move the rangers change down

Also, rename Dunedain Rangers to Inn Rangers, for readability.
parent 707df59d
Unofficial Patch 2.02 v4.0 Changelog
October 28, 2014
- Dunedain Rangers costs 400 (from 300).
* WIP changelog *
......@@ -9,6 +8,7 @@ As we reimplement changes from Andy's v4.0, add the changes here.
- Some passive abilities (Uruk Deathbringers' Stonewall ability, Bloodlust abilities) now correctly display when multiple units are selected.
- All effect (heal, leadership, poison, etc.) FX now correctly applies to all units that are affected by the associated effect. (Most notably, orcs now show poison FX when affected by Karsh's Chill Soul ability.)
- Fixed game crash when run with BfMe II Patch 1.07 active.
- Inn Rangers costs 400 (from 300).
- Rohirrim:
a. Upgrades are now correctly purchasable when Rohirrim are multi-selected with other Men of the West units. (This change also has the fringe benefit of correcting the erroneous "Purchase this upgrade at Armory" tooltip text for most of the upgrades.)
b. Commandset no longer "blinks" when unit is ordered to switch weapons.
......@@ -162,4 +162,4 @@ EA Bugfixes
- AI-controlled Saruman and Drogoth no longer cast Fireball on allied flyers.
- Vigilant Ent and Ballista Expansion bounty values fixed.
- Soul Freeze FX duration fixed, again.
- Angmar Fortress Ice Munitions again apply to Fort arrows.
- Angmar Fortress Ice Munitions again apply to Fort arrows.
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