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Add headings to the changelog

To make it less confusing
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......@@ -20,6 +20,8 @@ As we reimplement changes from Andy's v4.0, add the changes here.
Andy's changelog:
- Rohirrim:
--- Upgrades are now correctly purchasable when Rohirrim are multi-selected with other Men of the West units. (This change also has the fringe benefit of correcting the erroneous "Purchase this upgrade at Armory" tooltip text for most of the upgrades.)
--- Commandset no longer "blinks" when unit is ordered to switch weapons.
......@@ -27,13 +29,25 @@ Andy's changelog:
- Battle Tower buildtime increased to 60s (from 45s).
- Knights of Dol Amroth specialist resistance increased to 100% (from 130%).
- Boromir Horn of Gondor recharge time increased to 1m45s (from 1m30s).
- Dwarven Guardians no longer suffer an armor decrease when equipped with Siege Hammers.
- Mumakil:
--- Now must purchase Fire Arrows at the beginning of each WotR skirmish. (This is a workaround for a bug in which Mumak Haradrim never began with Fire Arrows, even if the upgrade was previously purchased.)
--- Now properly can be upgraded by the Great Siege Works in the living world (strategic) map.
- Spiderlings:
--- Banner Spiderling no longer incorrectly consumes command points.
--- Now display correct palantir portrait when horde is emerging from the Spider Pit.
General Changes
- Lair Cave Troll:
--- Now properly displays animation when attacking buildings.
--- Improved jerkiness when walking around lair.
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