Commit 90a7611f authored by Matthias Larisch's avatar Matthias Larisch

Create mailboxes for all existing groups/regions

parent 509266c3
......@@ -16,6 +16,9 @@
- fetching parent regions without any give regin id not possible anymore !474 #258 @peter.toennies
- fetching parent regions without any given region ID is not possible anymore !474 #258 @peter.toennies
- Fix #287 allowing all members of a group to edit that group !487 @NerdyProjects
- Fix #286 making group applications work again !489 @NerdyProjects
- Fix #255 do not improperly render html tags in region side nav !489 @NerdyProjects
- Fix Database commit missing after migrations in dev/test environment
## Refactoring
- removed global $g_body_class variable !451 @alangecker
INSERT INTO fs_mailbox (id, name) SELECT mailbox_id, CONCAT("region-", id) FROM fs_bezirk WHERE mailbox_id <> 0;
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