Commit 040537f6 authored by OnceUponAFoodsharingTime's avatar OnceUponAFoodsharingTime Committed by Matthias Larisch

changelog added

parent 55e6f8df
......@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@
- Renamed footer "Unterstützung" to "Spenden" !273 @BassTii
- Updates fullpage.js to 2.9.5 for fixing scrolling in firefox, general smoothness !244 @NerdyProjects
- Page with list of communities for Austria/Germany/Switzerland. !286 by @k.miklobusec
- Single appointment can be set to "appointment cancelled" (=0 Slots) !372 by @k.miklobusec
## Bugfixes
- Remove partly broken store coordinator management from store edit page (should happen with "manage team") !283 @NerdyProjects
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