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    Add ci, rejig docker config, add generated assets · 0c24eba6
    Nick Sellen authored
    This is quite a big commit based on my ci branch.
    works with gitlab ci now, uses docker-in-docker and
    docker-compose to reuse most of the dev/test setup
    rejig docker config
    I moved all config into docker directories to keep
    it a bit neater, there were getting a lot of files
    in the root dir. It's a bit more annoying to specify
    the paths, but all the scripts/* work just the same
    as before.
    add generated assets
    I didn't want to add these, but it is tricky to
    build them ready for test, as you need an app server
    up and running. At some point they could be generated
    by a simple script and could be removed again.
    This might cause a bit of hassle when deploying to
    an existing production deployment as it will have
    existing asset files not from git.
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