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WIP: frontend experiments with VueJS

Nick Sellen requested to merge nicksellen-frontend-experiments into master

I had a pop at VueJS to see how it feels. I like it.

It feels more batteries-included than reactjs. And less confusing than AngularJS (and doesn't have a v1/2 ecosystem problem).

It's been growing steadily, and has a good community around it now, and was recently selected by gitlab.

It explicitly markets itself as a progressive framework, which might fit quite well for foodsharing, as we:

  1. have a lot of code stuff to refactor over time, no big rewrite is likely
  2. intend to support an html-only version for the main features

So, my first pop at it was to create components for handling chat messages, it's all in default.php and in ES5 for now as I didn't want to add in any build tools yet.

I commented the script part of it at if you want to have a look. The templates are above it in text/x-template script sections.

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