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remove empty GroupTransaction class

parent e7300256
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namespace Foodsharing\Modules\Group;
use Foodsharing\Lib\Session;
use Foodsharing\Modules\Bell\BellGateway;
use Foodsharing\Modules\Foodsaver\FoodsaverGateway;
use Foodsharing\Modules\FoodSharePoint\FoodSharePointGateway;
use Foodsharing\Modules\Region\RegionGateway;
use Foodsharing\Utility\EmailHelper;
use Foodsharing\Utility\Sanitizer;
use Foodsharing\Utility\TranslationHelper;
* Groups are the super category in which Regions and WorkGroups belong. GroupTransactions contains the common logic
* of Regions and WorkGroups.
final class GroupTransactions
private $bellGateway;
private $foodSharePointGateway;
private $sanitizerService;
private $emailHelper;
private $translationHelper;
private $regionGateway;
private $foodsaverGateway;
private $session;
public function __construct(
BellGateway $bellGateway,
FoodSharePointGateway $foodSharePoint,
Sanitizer $sanitizerService,
EmailHelper $emailHelper,
TranslationHelper $translationHelper,
RegionGateway $regionGateway,
FoodsaverGateway $foodsaverGateway,
Session $session
) {
$this->bellGateway = $bellGateway;
$this->foodSharePointGateway = $foodSharePoint;
$this->sanitizerService = $sanitizerService;
$this->emailHelper = $emailHelper;
$this->translationHelper = $translationHelper;
$this->regionGateway = $regionGateway;
$this->foodsaverGateway = $foodsaverGateway;
$this->session = $session;
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