Commit 201b0a86 authored by Johannes's avatar Johannes

Added changelog with merge request number

parent 1b785e5d
......@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@
- Add info about limitations of nightly slot warnings !1275 @jofranz
- Send an email to the amb and group workgroups (AGs) if the last admin/amb leaves a workgroup/region !1153 @jofranz
- Updated foodsharing etikette for registration process !1295 @chris2up9
- Refactored and changed time range for store fetch warning mails for store manager to today + tomorrow instead of 15:00 limit !1289 @jofranz
## Bugfixes
- fixed page crash when as ambassador on region -> foodsaver clicking on one foodsaver !1278 @Caluera
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