Maths library for symbolic algebra. See the libsymbolic webpage.

Symbolic ReadMe

Symbolic is a library for manipulating mathematical expressions. Expressions are stored in a structured symbolic form allowing various operations to be performed on them.

The library currently provides the following features.

 * Conversion to and from text.
 * Manipulation of logical propositional statements.
 * Reduction of statements using tautologies allowing some basic theorem proving.
 * Manipulation of mathematical expressions.
 * Simplification of equations based on a simple rule set.
 * Differentiation of expressions.
 * Numerical approximations of equations given variable assignments.
 * Continued fraction approximations of decimals. 


If you have autoconf you should be able to install using the following 3 commands:

make install


Read COPYING for information on the license. Symbolic is released under the MIT License.

Contact and Links

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I can be contacted via one of the following.

 * My website:
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