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......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ Not the most user-friendly option, but it gets the job done.
`dev-vcs/src` 鈥 https://gitlab.com/esr/src[Simple Revision Control]::
A version control tool suitable for all those loose scripts you have lying around.
`games-fps/ut2004-bonuspack-*` 鈥 UT2004 map packs via IPFS::
`games-fps/ut2004-*` 鈥 UT2004 binaries and map packs via IPFS::
The mirror URLs for these have proved chronically unreliable, so these ebuilds use IPFS.
......@@ -61,6 +61,9 @@ by adding a line like `ipfs http://localhost:8080` to `/etc/portage/mirrors`.
Help preserving these files (and more) would be appreciated.
The Manifest files contain additional SHA1 hashes (should be easily web searchable),
and the IPFS hashes were generated using 0.4.15 defaults: `--hash sha2-256 --chunker size-262144`.
Obviously, this doesn't contain the base game data files, which are required.
You still need to buy the disc and install `games-fps/ut2004-data::gentoo` for that.
`games-server/minecraft-server` 鈥 minecraft-server ebuilds::
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