Commit 6f41bf03 authored by Diego Alvarez Arias's avatar Diego Alvarez Arias Committed by Alberto Ballestas

sol(vbd): #0 dsvw, 0079-xss-reflected

- discovered vulnerabilities: 2 by me, 5 already in repo, 7 total.
- total estimated vulnerabilities in system:   25
- discovery percentage:                        28%
- effort: 3 hours during immersion.
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## Version 1.4.1
## language: en
Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
http://localhost:65412 - v (field)
Inject a reflected XSS.
Filter the user input
Hacker's software:
| <Software name> | <Version> |
| Windows | 10.0.1809 (x64)|
| Chrome | 75.0.3770.142 |
TOE information:
Given I am accessing the site
And the server is running SQLite version 3
And Python version 2.7.16
Scenario: Normal use case
Given I access to ""
When I pass a value to the parameter "?v=4.01"
Then It just displays the value in the page footer
Powered by DSVW (v4.01)
Scenario: Static detection
Given the python code (
And the lines where the "v" parameter is processed
32 elif "v" in params:
33 content += re.sub(r"(v<b>)[^<]+(</b>)", r"\g<1>%s\g<2>" % params["v"],
When I inspect the code
Then I see the parameter is not filtered
And I conclude that I could pass not just a number
Scenario: Dynamic detection
Given ""
When I insert in the parameter some html tags
"""<p style="text-transform: uppercase;">hi</p>"
Then I get the output:
Powered by DSVW (v0.2
And the html tags are interpreted correctly
Then I conclude that I could pass some html tags in the parameter
Scenario: Exploitation
Given ""
And knowing that html tags are not filtered
When I pass this XSS payload:
http://localhost:65412/?v=0.2<script>alert("XSS reflected")</script>
Then an alert pops up with the message
Then I conclude that the application is vulnerable to reflected XSS
Scenario: Remediation
Given I have patched the code by removing all the html tags to the input
And with "BeautifulSoup" library I can remove dangerous tags
34 soup = BeautifulSoup(params["v"])
35 [s.extract() for s in soup(['script', 'style', 'img'])]
36 content += re.sub(r"(v<b>)[^<]+(</b>)", r"\g<1>%s\g<2>" % soup.get_text
When I pass the same XSS payload
http://localhost:65412/?v=0.2<script>alert("XSS reflected")</script>
Then It doesn't pop up the alert window
Then I can confirm that the vulnerability was successfully patched
Scenario: Scoring
Severity scoring according to CVSSv3 standard
Base: Attributes that are constants over time and organizations
4.3/10 (Medium) - AV:N/AC:L/PR:N/UI:R/S:U/C:L/I:N/A:N
Temporal: Attributes that measure the exploit's popularity and fixability
4.1/10 (Medium) - E:F/RL:W/RC:C
Environmental: Unique and relevant attributes to a specific user environment
Scenario: Correlations
No correlations have been found to this date 2019-08-13
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