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      Checklist: Improve robustness · a60f5fd3
      Stuart Buchanan authored
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      Checklist/Tutorial: Auto view direction to marker · 9e2ee8b9
      Stuart Buchanan authored
      This change automatically changes the view direction to look
      at a <marker> if any is defined for a checklist item or tutorial
      Both the tutorial and checklist features support a <marker> element
      which can be used by an aircraft developer to display a magenta
      circle around an item of interest (typically a control in the
      Previously aircraft developers had to add a <view> element to move
      the viewpoint to look at the marker, while users of checklists had
      to look for the marker manually.
      - For checklists, pressing the "?" button on a checklist will pan the viewpoint
      to the marker.
      - For tutorials, if there is not a <view> element defined for a
      tutorial step, the view will automatically pan to the marker.
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      vnts: · 21675f90
      Erik Hofman authored
      Materials changes version 2 - Iceland and California
      1. Keep regional definitions for the new default airport BIKF, and Iceland. Uses
       new grass colours texture airport-grass-summer3.png with custom autumn effect i
      n alpha channel, and bare volcanic bare ground layer - to produce patchy grass a
      nd blend in with surrounding landclasses. 3d grass overlays have height modulati
      on turned on so grass patches are followed. Actual grass cover and colour at BIK
      F varies a lot even for the same month in different years going by photos, needs
       autumn effect to depict the range properly. The grass near the terminal areas s
      eems to receive a more water while the rest is often quite bare in photos - the
      current patchy-ness is a compromise. The texture for low settings is still autum
      2. Keep regional definitions for KSFO and California. Switches to grass effect s
      o 3d grass is enabled. Grass layer and patchy bare ground layer format with heig
      ht modulation for 3d grass. Currently tuned to hints of dry green grass similar
      to the old version.
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      DOS line endings to Unix line endings · a59ca8bd
      Erik Hofman authored
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