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      Working websocket transport layer! · 0d571e20
      Frank Kumro authored
      Phoenix Channels is listening (via JS) on the frontend to `room:weather`
      and updating the wind speed as messages are received. The Nerves
      application is uing phoenix_gen_socket_client to join the `room:weather`
      topic and emit `new_weather` messages with readings from the wind speed
      and temperature data every second. A supervisor will start the socket
      connection and register its pid with the Registry. This allows the use
      of `Process.send/3` and `handle_info` for communication over the
      I removed the default css cruft that comes with Phoenix 1.4 in favor
      of TailwindCSS. A basic two card layout was used to display data for
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      Boundary layer / GenServer cleanup · d1734b84
      Frank Kumro authored
      Previously each of the boundary layers for the sensors would call `GenServer`
      directly, as it was named. They now delegate to their respective `server.ex`
      modules which contain the `GenServer` calls. The `Impl` modules were renamed
      `Comm` as they communicate with the sensors and I felt it was a better name.
      GenServer callbacks are now marked with `@impl true`.
      `WeatherInfo` was renamed to `WeatherReport` to mirror `ThunderSnow`s terminology.
      Debugging statements were removed (`IO.puts`).
      Fixes #4
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