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  • v2.3.0   IPFinder v2.3.0
    1291be2b · Update to 2.3.0 ·
    • Added Open With right-click menu showing browsers installed on PC
    • Added command line option to pass PortableApps directory. Official PortableApps browsers in their default folders will be listed in the Open With menu
    • Fixed Ctrl shortcuts for Lookup, Empty Log and Copy to Clipboard buttons
  • v2.2.0   IPFinder v2.2.0
    c93fbff9 · Update to 2.2.0 ·
    • Fixed potential issues with rendering on systems with non-standard DPI or font settings
    • Moved results to use a tree menu structure with collapsible results
    • Added ability to manipulate results (remove individual results, launch in browser, copy to clipboard, etc.)
    • Added copy to clipboard button to copy all results
    • Results can be saved to a text file
    • Added command line parameter indicating default location to prompt for saving logs
    • Fixed issue with PortableApps package showing icon for dotNETInspector
  • v2.1.1   IPFinder v2.1.1
    ca327de5 · Initial commit ·
    • New icon from Oxygen icon theme